HEAT block rewards with profit up to 7%, 3rd party exchange integration and a community-based lottery.

It has been a fine week for HEAT. A long waited stable release landed in GitHub re-enabling block rewards for a drooling network of nodes. During the wait for block 232000 to arrive, a steady rise of the price and volume pushed HEAT into the top90 coins on coinmarketcap.com, breaking a daily trade volume of $30000.[…]

The ease of an in-wallet-exchange.

  The feature a good cryptocoin needs One of the more anticipated features of HEAT is the built-in Asset Exchange. This decentralized, real-time mean of trade is made possible by a replication layer mirroring live events. These events are processed and end up as transactions in the following generated block. A more specific technical description can[…]

Through struggle into existency – the journey of HEAT

After a promising ICO, HEAT slumbered away in a harsh spiral of bad publicity due to a few missed ‘assumed-to-be-deadlines’ of progress. It took many months to finally launch the blockchain, and to everyone’s disappointment the chain did not perform in ways it should have. The white paper described a technically advanced concept that would[…]